Humanist Approach To Buying Belief

Which circle would you click?

In selling as in life, beware broaching politics or religion.

Even as the majority of people living today appear to have moved on far from organised “faith”, I learn of movements that try speeding up this direction.

One such UK outfit currently gains airtime for its efforts on marriage ceremony reform. I wondered how they sold their particular creed.

Well, they’ve a quiz; how humanist are you?

Could you resist?

Imagine my delight to find a sales-facing question. Or perhaps better termed as buying-facing.

My mind raced through selling situation adaptations.

A slide for instance asking prospects How Satisfied Are You? I am most likely to select the buying option if…

Then swap in your own list of choices. And kickstart the discussion.

We all likely know the importance of uncovering both decision criteria and decision process. The vital minutiae can get sometimes get overlooked though. Such as what are criteria weightings and rankings? Any connections and trade-offs? Along with who prefers which where different options exist.

There’s always a closer, literal almost, transposition;

I feel it in my gut

I personally see evidence that I judge to be valid

Trustworthy people tell me they’ve seen evidence that they judge to be valid

It is told to me by an outsider

It is written on the internet

Plenty to play with there.

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