Is Your Smart Reply Better Than Gmail's?

Some labour-saving devices change your world. The spork. Spreadsheet auto-sort. A wife.

Others are doomed to the robot-controlled dustbin of failure.

Gmail’s ‘smart reply’ feels like the latter.

It’s invaded my mobile inbox since the Summer. And annoys me each time I see it.

Let’s hope soon you can turn it off outside their prison ecosystem.

Above are four random sets of suggestions google gave me for various snappy email retorts.

I appreciate it may be early days for all this AI. At least unlike Microsoft’s recent efforts, this bot hasn’t turned crazy when encountering real people.

Yet these buttons are so wrong, so lame, so irrelevant.

You wouldn’t whatsapp a close chum with them. Let alone a business correspondent.

It does make the Sales juices flow though.

For instance, given each transaction with a prospect, what are the three responses you endeavour to shape? Or display the good, the bad and the dealkiller? Or are in keeping with your process markers?

And how can you ensure you bring them into being?

Potential buyers often revel in being ornery actioners. A piece of cheese behind the maze wall may not go unnoticed. How can you make it simple to follow your lead?

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