It's Not Option A, B or C; it's Option A+B+C

The science community spoke this week. In a big way. Seeking to ward off catastrophe.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its latest weighty report; “the most significant warning about the impact of climate change in 20 years”. 1.5°C more seems our survival ceiling.

One comment piece produced what struck me as a highly useful objection handle-cum-bigger picture pitch;

It’s not option A, B or C; it’s option A+B+C

This device could come in most handy for the solution seller.

Aggressive, dismissive, pedantic even, buyers like to push us into a corner.

The world is not always black and white.

In the same way a calm “well, yes and no…” can be a winning binary choice deflector, this approach can also help assuage those looking for unreasonable definites in a world of answer fluidity.

Surely the art of crafting an unrefuseable “solution” involves slotting in elements from all around. A+B+C.

To borrow their phrase on warming, this is also a way we can alert our buyers to the reality that ‘every half a degree of matters’.

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