Latest Video Call Disrupter Use Cases

I wonder if Yep enter the video call market chiefly because they realise how useless Microsoft Teams is for the vast majority of video meetings?

I blog here not to endorse this new browser based option.

Merely to show the Sales world that if you're using Teams to live video call, whoever forces you to do so needs shooting.

You have the power to do better.

Your colleagues and especially your prospects will thank you for it.

Do not stand for the utter nonsense IT types - sucked into all things Office 365, Azure and (most ridiculously) Dynamics - tell you.

Especially when they bleat, "Teams is free".

You really base a fundamental pillar of your selling on the stipulation of a technology colleague, far removed from the pressures of, y'know, owning a quota?

To adapt Voltaire; 'free' is the enemy of good.

The reasons for Teams' inapplicability are legion. You likely know several of them. Yet resigned to soldier on with it, trying to frustratingly make do.

As is now accepted by all those who've come out the other side, there's a much better world without Windoze.

And in the very same way, whilst bringing the capability to the workplace masses, it is through devious distribution channels alone. As is Big Bill's time-trusted way.

It has usurped the once prime existing choice, which was better suited (Zoom).  It condemns those suffering its inferior fit to Sales and business in general video calls to poorer quality and by consequence less than optimal meeting outcomes.

Luckily for us, the evolution from tape through disc to streaming in all its on-demand, HD glory which took visual media almost four decades, has been leaped in a matter of months by video call solutions.

In fact, you could go as far to say that this now presents a visible subtle proxy metric on hand for us here.

If your prospect stays constrained by using Teams, then are they really of the open, innovative and striving for best-results orientation culture which would be more likely to embrace the change we propose?

The challenger's landing page promo copy above lists nine use cases.

I grey out those not related to our arena.  Leaving four that could touch on our daily pursuits. Of these, two are explicitly slap-bang in our sights;

calling on a new prospect,
checking the pulse of the salesteam.

If you think the 'design sprint' angle can be applied to on-the-hoof working through of deal tactics, then you might stretch to a fifth.

In any case, roughly half their favoured scenarios relate in some way to us and how we go about what we do.

They've indeed made a decent go at stating what their product's great for.

Regardless of any merits of their video capabilities, the point remains valid that Teams does not best facilitate video calls that sell. In addition, what's your list in the format of the one up-top?

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