Lazy Simulations

In thoughts widely shared among those with purpose to help make the world a better place through video meetings that actually work, here's a concluding excerpt from longtime marketing blogger Seth Godin. Railing against those who dismiss video calls as full of "cons", never productive, let alone enjoyable.

If, even once, you’ve had a virtual meeting that engaged you and made you feel connected to someone else, then it’s clearly possible.
The hard work is deciding to put in the effort to have it happen more often. Lazy simulations of in-person meetings are not a worthy substitute.

The call to arms of his post, namely that you ought be "intentional about virtual meetings", pushing firmly at my open door.

Less so, his video gaming frame tangent, but still.

Twenty years back I was an avid daily reader of his blog. Even bought the books. Then felt he fell down the hubris trap. Life coach messaging, humblebragging, and philosophising on topics removed from his undoubted core experience flooded his posts. At the expense of the disappearance of terrific marketing insights that got him where he then sat, atop the occupation's opinion leadership podium.

I have on occasion revisited his thoughts. Including 2020 & 2021. Thinking he'd good pointers for meetings in general around then too. Such as using his nous to suggest we ripen our avocado of the optimum zoom call.

Lovely to read these thoughts today. Especially against the deluge of anti-video refuseniks, who see not the future opportunity alongside protection from demise through irrelevance, but only the blip of a workflow past to consign to corporate history.

As many online bemoaned, 'pro tips' on what actually constitutes an engaging video meeting were absent, a boring meeting is boring whether ɪʀʟ or virtual, and the interesting recurrent theme, ' “Meetings” needs a different word, because the current word has a bit of an image problem'.

Plus the odd evangelist.

Whose reply above is neatly along the lines of the classic things that require zero talent memes. (For which I do enjoy asking people to add their eleventh.)

The consequent question though, remains hyper-valid.

You have had a brilliant video meeting, right? Even if only the once...

You want another, yes? And another, and be known for them?

Then relax, it is indeed possible. You can rise above the lazy simulation of those with whom you compete. Yet like all things, a little effort is required.

Willing to put it in?

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