Let Flashbulb Memories Shine

Flashbulb moments

What psychologists call those memories that stay with us. Not just for days, but years. Decades. Forever, even.

We’re coming to the year-end wrap for many teams.

The final kick-on. A thrust for the finish line. When careers are made. Or mangled.

Many tales of daring-do are left for the annual sales kick-off event.

Extraordinary feats singled out when the year is fresh. Pause for reflection enabled. Galvanise the troops with a rah-rah.

Yet it is worth promoting these with just the crucial Quarter to go.

I’m sure some flashbulb moments of your own spring instantly to mind.

Sport has them in spades. A wonder goal, outrageous shot or gravity-defying piece of skill.

Many a successful campaign can have them tucked away. Only those in the room privy to their greatness. The newly-coined spontaneous pitch, the dexterous objection handle in the grip of the lion’s jaw, the unintentional comedy from a mishap bringing buyer and seller in closer harmony.

As wikipedia puts it;

“…triggered by an event exceeding critical levels of surprise and consequentiality, creates a permanent record of the details and circumstances surrounding the experience”.

These are worth trumpeting now.

Where are those wonderfully colourful immediately recalled Polaroid instamatics of the Sales mind?

Credit where credit’s due.

Especially when they reinforce and underpin the work required to smash that year-end number.

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