Master Maitre'd Visual Board

most people don’t appreciate how many decisions need to be made when setting a table

The opening words above of Fred Sirieix in the UK campaign he currently fronts for ebay. Promoting their small business marketplace, here with slant on dining at home.

What you clearly see through this 45s ad, is to help Fred with his decision making, he has his own visual.

Perhaps closest to the type of mood boards and inspiration walls of designers and architects.

Here, Fred might use it for both fresh ideas and vital reminders.

It prompts him for what he is after on this particular table-setting. Or as we might call it, deal.

I’m a big fan of such visuals.

They should cover your workplace wall space.

Featuring reminders of what matters to your prospects and you. Specifically best when related to your process. The pattern of events that when in train, mean you are pretty much nailed on to succeed.

I’ve blogged on the enduring power of such visual surrounds plenty down the years.

My most recent allied discovery, the bizarrerie of the moon collage.

Understand what works. Have it writ large. Splatter it within eye-range.

An aside :: fancy that there’s an added angle for us here too?

most sellers don’t appreciate how many decisions need to be made when buyers choose

How many do you think it is in your arena?

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