Mum's Hardest Questions

It’s Easter. So I’m feeling in holiday mood. Here’s an article read in The Telegraph just now. Mum’s apparently get bombarded with questions from their children. They have to handle more than the PM is fired during Prime Minister’s Questions. 23 each half-hour.

The five toughest questions mothers get asked:
1) Why is water wet? (35 per cent)
2) Where does the sky end? (34 per cent)
3) What are shadows made of? (33 per cent)
4) Why is the sky blue? (20 per cent)
5) How do fish breathe under water? (18 per cent)

Salespeople can surely relate a touch to this.

I’m not talking about objections here. No. I’m talking about all the questions an inquisitive buyer may ask around the subject. For some are as curious as the typical 4-yr old girl and their staggering 390 questions a day.  They may merely seek understanding, or wanting an explanation of some dark market force, or even unravelling of the latest buzz-phrase.

What are your most vexing five? Write them down. Frame your winning answer. And open eyes as to why water is, in fact, wet.

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