Unwrap Disappointment

Easter weekend. Round at good friends’ place, and the unwrapping of chocolate goodies.

Audible despair accompanied this particular item.

Now. Lindt position themselves as upmarket, right? Here’s how their website describes this specific brand today;

the smoothest creation of the Maître Chocolatiers from Lindt: When you break its shell Lindor lusciously smooth chocolate heart starts to melt…and so will you

Well. Lindt should know that the only melting hearts were all those present riven with the feeling of a rip-off rather than romance.

And if you have not quite realised why, I ought explain.

When the box was opened, everyone expected a container full of their famous balls. They were tightly packed all right (the pic above has seen a couple quickly eaten!). Yet the box was not all it was cracked up to be.

What’s with all that space taken up at the bottom!

A meaningless triangle of volume denies a third of the package to be used for what it should be. They had a choice. Fresh air or chocolate. And look what they chose. A real life case of being (more than) one chocolate short of a full box. Hardly the true actions of a luxury brand.

Let’s our hope our proposals and products don’t cause similar wails when our customer ‘opens the box’. Do they…?

Not really, hey…

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