NFT Goldrush Bubble Craze

Do you understand how a “cryptoart” jpeg can be worth seventy million dollars?

Me neither.

No matter how many NFTs Explained pieces I read, watch or hear.

Move over, Bitcoin. There’s a new dog in town.

If my pals’ social media messages are anything to go by, we ought scramble to get on a new train.

And so among the flood was this droplet.

US$123,000 was paid via auction for the png (oh the chuckling irony) whipped up by a chap I occasionally scroll through; @visualizevalue.

Well done, Jack Butcher.

In the spirit of web pioneers, I remix the idea above, using my Video Calls That Sell book cover branding.

Which gives the added bonus of being a superb template from which to mix your own slide (or pair, showing Jack’s auction page first) in a deck over the coming weeks.

Swapping out the JPG/NFT for anything which can indicate your point of difference.

Whether that be ‘other bid’ vs ‘my bid’, ‘do nothing’ against ‘act now’, even ‘no’ or ‘yes’.

With your branding, logo or marque in place of my big tick (the original’s blue tick signifying ‘authentic’).

Even if your audience are anti this latest tech moneygrab – and you can play on that if it is the case – then they can still be taken to a place where you discuss and crucially confirm the value you bring that is greater than any alternative possibility.

It may even also approach an improvement by factor of one hundred and twenty three thousand.

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