Run Aground

Yep. Once ardent Remainers and now most European voters themselves are both accepting of the true horror of an unelected bunch of rulers following a flawed ideology rather than seek genuine citizen upliftment.

It’s quite the spectacle.

A jab dismissed with anti-UK political malice as ineffective by EU leaders now being hunted down as data shows it “100% effective against severe disease and death”. Coupled with the observation “there’s that slight suspicion that we’ve proven [with the vastly superior UK jab development and rollout] that the Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism is the best” (Sir Mike Drake).

Out of the sadness/spleen comes wit such as the above cartoon.

As they so often do such satirists conflate two contemporary events with humorous yet chilling bite.

A meme trove cleverly added to by the pros. With curation at the ready. And the inevitable twitter guide.

The original snap of the Suez Canal stricken cargo ship causing global trade chaos as taken from the bridge of the ship stuck immediately behind is a corker of an image.

With apparently steering rendered impotent, and a forlorn digger trying to create some extra room, visible bottom right of the vessel.

It won’t escape Sales minds the metaphoric power of something ‘run aground’.

Whether showing this imagery on-screen or citing it during discussion.

The disruption, carnage and costs of this event seem set to be significant.

Have you or your prospect got a similar scale EU vaccine fiasco of your own?

How did it run aground? What was their ‘sandstorm’? Their steering breakdown? Their line-of-sight lost?

How much is it costing? How is their downtime spiralling? Their bottleneck issues? Their knock-on effects and further delays?

What refloat efforts are underway? What are their fleet of tugs deployed? Their cranes and diggers widening their canal? Their plans to unload fuel and containers to ease manoeuvrability?

Can you help dispel the Evershambolic and move towards the Eversound?

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