No Fear For Hunted Swimming World Champ

Team GB just enjoyed their best ever swimming world championship medal haul.

Starman Adam Peaty broke a world record and won three Golds.

Homeland media coverage is huge.

Especially following the revelation from his proud Mother. As a baby he was petrified of the water.

He shared what he considered to be the step-change in his development.

It came via the squad’s sports psychologist.

Look fear in the eye

He later repeated this as “fear no man”. He elaborated how the phrase clicked for him.

Race the race, not the occasion

A clear lesson in focus. Then he went on to understand the difference between ascent and summit camp.

He was once the hunter, now he’s the hunted. To précis;

My job is to stay hunted

In one of his victories he was well back at the turn. He thought he was done. Yet elected to fight for every inch. He told himself he could catch up. He put in everything and did.

Dreadnought. The Race. The Hunt.

Compelling analogies for the sporty salesforce.

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