Speed Is The Enemy Of Truth

Another week, another American police street gun battle, a town in lockdown.

In the aftermath of renewed riots in a place called Ferguson, I caught the remarks of Ed Flynn. The Milwaukee chief of police holds clear views on how social media driven misreporting unnecessarily fuels flames of discontent.

Speed is the enemy of truth

His fervent belief being that the drive to be first to pass on ‘news’ today means that ‘graphic’ and ‘quick’ trump all else.

The race is to be first at all cost, regardless of accuracy

He expressed that intense broadcast competition leads to careless reporting. Which has devastating effects on communities.

I couldn’t help but think how similar our mid-bid sight suffers in such storm.

The pressure to keep sales management informed of the slightest deviation, update the crm and keep the forecast live can render vital reflection strangled.

I’m certainly not suggesting we should sit on something. Far from it.

Yet measures must be taken that allows the true state of affairs to emerge so that considered opinion can influence action.

Fools rush in … He who hesitates is lost.

Proverbs tend to come in ying and yang pairs.

The winning balance is nicely struck in between.

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