Official: The 5 Small Things That Make Your Prospect Happy


Five small things to make your (as a new business hunter) prospect, or (as an account management farmer) customer, happy.

How tricky can it be?

According to the official UK Govt adviser on happiness (I know…) as listed above, just five simple little things uplift our mood.

The chap responsible for enlightening us is Professor of Behavioural Science at London School of Economics, Paul Dolan.

Anyone in the Sales arena won’t fail to notice parallels with our bill-payer’s happiness.

Indeed, I’ve touched on similar over the years. For instance, citing from formulae (including yesterday’s holiday intervention) and genetics.

Yet it remains a worthy exercise to consider the few tiny pieces of different effort that you could put in which enhance the prospect/customer experience.

Would your prospect’s appreciate update pictorial, visual summaries of how your planning on their behalf is going?

Would your client like an easily digestible, regular view of what’s going on without resorting to an auto-generated dashboards?

Do they view your shared transactions with a smile, as something to look forward to, or with a grimace, as a wasteful chore?

So letting you shift your prospect from the mercurial to the measurable.

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