Perfect Family Holiday Formula

Silly season PR this year scrapes up an equation for family holiday survival.

The hired hand psycho-quack suggests seven variables at play.

Combined through various adds, subtracts, multiply, divide and even a squared.

Along with recommendations. Like 70% of time should be spent together.

I’ve blogged before on the useful role creation of such maths can provide in our Sales calculations.

Sometimes their unshakeable accuracy is less important than the construct they promote.

In this case, does a similar septet exist for us?

Can Lifetime Experience be seen as Customer Lifetime Experience?

Where your client will be truly ‘living the dream’ with nothing but happy memories from your interaction?

Is Overall Cost acceptable as not scrimping, knowing that perfection carries a price?

Then there are our own to swap in.

For instance, what about the classic FP? Future Proof.

Not only a snug fit for the here and now, but also close alignment guaranteed on the morrow.

As for preferences, should we enjoy interested CEO involvement on 70% of days?

The hard part is likely to be in arranging these into a formula.

Although that’s possibly a sideshow.

Nevertheless, it’s a worthy exercise to hand over to the troops as sales management for an hour’s lively internal discussion. Or to think for yourself when seeking to focus on your ideal customer profile or selling/buying process.


…which also reminds me of beating the happiness drum, of which I’ll blog tomorrow.

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