One Tone Charts Need New Entries

consultant ad sept15

So here’s a fuzzy zoom-in of a pic that mystifyingly appeared in my instagram stream. It was posted by a consultancy promoting their expertise.

As evidenced by this amateurish imagery, such skills clearly do not extend to chart presentation.

I know you’ll never submit of whole sheet of graphs in a single colour. Even if blue is apparently the world’s favourite.

Surely somewhere there’s need to highlight some slice or dice with a dab from elsewhere across the rainbow?

Then there’s resorting to type. Lines of bars with tray of pies.

It just feels, well, bland.

Leaving aside the many – including genre-defining opinion – that say a piechart should never be seen, there’s scope even in this misplaced menagerie to mix things up a little. Especially given the probable aim of displaying an “edge”.

Which links with the staged photo-clipart style of the whole scene. Ever seen so many hands hover around a single sheet? A projection on a whiteboard with dry wipe markers in use seems more a vibe.

If you suspect your pictorials err a touch towards these, then two simple steps can propel you in the better direction.

Use of a different contrast colour for starters. Then swipe through my instagram postings for alternative charting techniques to both enliven and add recall to your numbers.

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