Pep's Overload to Tilt Secret

“In all team sports, the secret is to overload one side of the pitch so that the opponent must tilt its own defence to cope.”

The reveal, according to Pep Guardiola. Does any sport hail as boundary reshaping and mindset shifting a coach as football's pre-eminent genius right now? Albeit with practically limitless resources at his disposal.

I could not help but wonder what the solution selling ramification of this deceptively simple mantra might be.

Is there even an equivalent? A fitting translation from field of play to business decision making?

The thing about such a 'tilt', is that a key flank is then left under-staffed. Allowing for a successful foray to breach barriers. In turn creating a chance to score which can prove decisive.

You might feel that the goalkeeper sometimes stands alone as a kind of veto.

Lined up in front of them, the areas of buying focus. My personal choice here being the classic, Finance, User, Commercial, Technical. I'll let the acrostic formed from each initial letter guide you as to your fate should be ignore any of these.

In which case, if one of these columns is deemed strong - ie, both disinclined to favour your proposal and with the clout to halt its progress - then might one route to goal be to manoeuvre in such a way as to ensure their lines become depleted as they must rush to pack out one of the others?

Bringing home to them that they are neither untroubled untouched alone in their special space nor able to allow the issue experienced by another of their quartet to continue to cause distraction and damage to all.

Each one of the four prime influences I cite above hold supplementary, knock-on effects which directly affect each other three.

We often focus solely on the topline influences. Yet to take this thinking on, there's a defining moment which can come from a direct instance of one camp having to divert themselves to help another.

Can you begin to identify where such candidates may come from?

To follow The Creed Of Pep, if you can isolate those 'attacks' which can be shown to have most pressing need to repel, then the urgency of their required remedy coupled with the ease of your speedy resolution may well be what gets you that clear shot.

It might not always be a one-on-one with the keeper, an unmarked effort only a few yards out, or even an open goal (many of which today have the lingo xG of 1 [as in expected goal probability] for a chance that should've lead to a goal) but overall you ought prevail.

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