Pep's Title Winning 3 Options Drill And Your Meeting Planning Or Deal Progression

So Manchester City win the 2018 EPL at record-breaking pace.

In deservedly gushing media retrospectives on how the Barca legend made it all possible, one training ground drill cited stood out for me.

It came courtesy of former defender for the club, Joleon Lescott. Now retired, his role there is to look after the large roster (currently about 30 players between the ages of 18 and 23) out on loan. In his amiable understated, relaxed delivery, he outlined a regular practice session feature.

The basic premise is that every time a player has the ball at their feet, their team-mates must ensure that he has three options for his next pass.

How do you make that happen? Which one do you select? What options tend to make for the best?

An old cartoon once used in a sales training workshop springs to mind. It shows an army lined up in front of a huge drawbridge of a castle. They’re holding a battering ram. Trying to force entry and break-in as arrows rain down on them from the turrets, crenels and battlements above. Only to see on the edges that one of their troop was being ignored, despite discovering a small door around the corner…

You’ll have plenty of different streams to row down when that prospect meeting wraps up. Once that trickiest of objection rears its head. As the main Board close looms.

Have you also drilled in advance what your possible best three options might be?

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