Plastic Problem Pitching

We’re suffocating our home, and smothering all those with whom we share it. Susie Cagle duly illustrates the plastic produced predicament. Here’s a selection of her drawings with Sales presenting links.

The first (above) is a stacked bar in the form of three plastic water bottle sections.

Up to 2015, there’d apparently been 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic made. This is what happened to the 6.3 billion metric tons of it that we’ve discarded.

Can you similarly represent shares in a circular or roughly oblong rendering of an item relevant to your prospect’s world?

Then there’s this interesting two-halves split idea;

Before this third and final readily adapted platform. It relates to the “horrific” plastic explosion set to haunt our next thirty years.

What’s noteworthy, is not only the central projection linegraphs, but the array of surrounding supporting imagery. Surely something on which we can build.

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