Polka Dot Dress SalesJack

I often find a cheeky remix-ripe design-leaning newsjack sales slide irresistible. Somehow, my feeds this weekend felt flooded with a ladies’ polka dot dress from Euro-giant Zara.

At forty quid, quite the must-have Summer item it seems.

Happily, images of its black spots on white fabric can be readily adapted to pretty much any logo hues of your choosing.

Here, I ‘grayscaled’, next applying a negative filter, before whitening the dots further, then upping the now dark background to this fetching lilac (inspired by a Madrid-bought small wheelie case).

Doing similar with your prospect colours could make for a fashionably seasonal message duly emblazoned. Displaying either reason for their must-have purchase from, or problem uniquely resolved by, you. Or even that reliable go-to, a killer number.

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