Pod Lennon Wall

Well done the people of Hong Kong.

Peaceful protest (apart from when perhaps agent provocateurs infiltrated) saw the abandonment (for now) of a chilling human rights restricting Bill.

Defiantly assembled vertical fields of sticky note mosaics filled plenty of news screens. Naturally there’s its own wikipedia page. From this, I learnt that the earliest such public outpouring (sort-of) sprang up in Prague. Emerging from Czech commemoration of John Lennon’s murder. Albeit sans post-its, rather than the modern-day way.

I do like to blog on how important our selling desk area is. From meezers to inspiration walls, and mood, vision or dreamboards. [see these posts, from a real-life heist movie, an Oval Office refurb, a Japanese author, the Aussie Open, & 2014 new year idea for five starters]. Making your cubicle or office unique to you and reinforce our purpose often separates the water-treaders from quota-busters.

Many news site galleries show examples from today’s Kowloon and close-by.

Sales winners see similar visual stimulation.

What are your key trigger words, core issues, uniques? Write ’em down, slap ’em up.

Stick several together to draw on as if it’s one larger canvas. Put up sheets of packaging card as a wall. Use tape. Affix non stickies.

Get creative with iconography. Hongkongers have their open umbrella. What have you or your problem resolution got in similar vein?

Don’t restrict each sticky note to a single issue, spread out if need be across a line of notes. Use initials and acronyms and chart imagery.

Colour-code too; pink for numbers, yellow for pitches, blue for objection handles, green for customer reminders, peach for process markers, purple for best questions.

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