Rewire Greenwire Hotwire

I hear of a plan to switch the UK’s gas supply towards renewables. The idea is to ‘greenwire’ the country.

Not only applauded on environmental grounds, but also for creating a word with which to label the initiative. One which hopefully the country can then all embrace.

I often blog on the power of generating a unique name for your prospect’s potential buying project.

In this case, the prefix green rhymes neatly with the first syllable of rewire. Yet for our own purposes, that is not necessarily a constraint.

In whichever way your prospect may seek to change, whether a simple rewire, a more jolting hotwire quickstart perhaps, or maybe even or whole new wiring plan, there’s likely a suffix you can add up front to show your direction.

It could be a colour too, possibly only if you share brand hues.

When I saw this, my thoughts flicked back wonderful pitches I myself delivered around best-practice share. Teamwire sounds like it’d work.

There’s also other construction type verbs you could build on. Is your prospect hoping to plumb, renovate, upcycle?

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