Scribbles From Sales History Ad

Here’s a Youtubular advert for some Aussie sales consultancy or other I got spammed with on a sales site I happened across the other day.

It’s just 60secs. Their blurb says,

This video is about the evolution of selling over the last 40 years. It highlights the transition from sales monologues to sales dialogues; the transition from selling products to selling ideas. Selling is more about listening and creative collaboration.

What interested me was the doodling.

I maintain that in one way sales superstars distinguish themselves by their willingness to doodle.

I’m not talking about the over-the-top Sunni Brown style hardcore gamestorming. Merely the ability to grab a pen, bound up to the whiteboard or take that scrap of paper and daub your point out.

Some sellers I sense are a bit intimidated by this. Yet anyone can draw in this way.

You could do it as a toddler, you can do it now.

And this vid shows you some easy tricks. Office skyscrapers, mobile phone, thermometer and satellite. These are great examples of simple scribbles anyone can do.

Almost outlines of their emojis. All you need to do is apply this logic to your explanations and pitches.

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