Sexy Florals with Oriental Undertones

High Street Fashion chain Guess? founder and chairman Maurice Marciano rang the NYSE bell on last day of August. Having never been tempted by their wares I watched CNN’s coverage intrigued.

In a jolly interview by their Richard Quest (scroll down this page for full transcript), they discussed whether the European fixated store opening strategy was apt considering the imminent austerity hit and if the brand really is a lifestyle choice that can sustain moves away from apparel and into perfume.

The final question was a chuckling query on if he as the boss would have to like the smell of their fragrance in order for them to sell it. Luckily Maurice giggled back that he liked it regardless. Amazingly he described it as,

sexy florals with oriental undertones

As the typically incredulous Quest then commented, it’s near impossible to describe a smell to him, but he had to admit it was cunningly evocative.

Mr Guess used just five words to conjure both something memorable and a positive emotion. Can you do the same to describe your latest new product?

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