Tennis Intensity and Improvements

Andy Murray rose to world number two during two-and-a-half year guidance alongside coach Miles Maclagan. After an outwardly amicable going of their separate ways, the tennis coach gave a Sky tv interview in the glow of Murray beating both Nadal and Federer to claim the 2010 Toronto Masters title.

He hoped his former charge won his first grand slam at the imminent US Open, and considered him both independent-minded and driven enough to do this, despite not planning to secure a new coach until after Flushing Meadows.

Two remarks portrayed fascinating insight into what he believes a world-class coach should be trying to do.

Small Percentage Improvements

A key task was to seek the small percentage improvements that would make a big difference. He stressed that finding them is a difficult thing to do.

Ensure Training Intensity

Possibly the main job he felt, was to make sure that training was at the right intensity.

Both have intriguing consequences for sales management and self-improvement by salespeople in the field themselves.

  • How do you plan to identify the things where tiny improvements will provide a big impact on success?
  • How can you make sure that working on them will be at a suitably high intensity?

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