Solar Panel Genius

A story to make us oldies all feel unworthy. I came across it watching NY1. 13-year old Aidan Dwyer appeared to have improved solar panels.

His inspiration was sparked by looking at trees. Specifically their branches. If that’s how nature captures the sun’s energy, then why don’t we copy it? So, over six months of Sunday’s in his Grandfather’s garage, he built his own solar tree.

And would you believe, it performs, and looks, better than its flat panel counterparts.

He is now feted as a genius.

Does he share that view? Well, when asked ‘are you a genius?’, his instant, humble response was;

I get average grades in school.

I just had an idea and I did something about it.

I love these tales of invention. And this one gives heart to anyone in sales that wants to make something happen.

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