Unsocial Hours Calling

Enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining lunchtime watching English sport in Brooklyn the other Saturday. I was in the company of a New York based technology seller. Over a brunch bagel, he let slip quite a revelation.

He had spoken to Warren Buffet. On a cold call. That lasted 45 minutes.

It was a couple of years ago. The Sage of Omaha confided how he made his billions;

Do you wanna know how I get my tips?

I read the paper every single morning.

And after a while wanted to close the pitcher himself;

Why am I doing this?

Yet my main take-away was simple. How do you get through to what most would describe as one of the toughest people on the planet to reach? Easy.

Ring him at ten o’clock at night.

He was still in his office, and picked up the phone himself.

There’s an old sales adage that the only way to connect with the awkward brigade is to call them out-of-hours. No gatekeeper and less stress. I’m not talking crazy times here. Before say half-eight first thing, and after six should do it.

If it worked on Warren, who could it work on in your world too?

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