Stand-Up Brother's Delayed Yes Advice

Heard something unexpectedly saleswise from the metropolitan elite wireless output that is the BBC providing Saturday morning background noise. With a new book to pr, London stand-up Angie Le Mar appeared.

Here’s her worthy selling anecdote when she ventured to America a quarter-century ago to further her comedy career.

“I auditioned for The Cosby Show by phoning up and pretending to be my agent.

I literally called up and said, ‘Angie is here, she’s only seeing a few people, would you like to see her?’

They sent a car.”

The studio attendees gasped in approval. The convener uttered standard summary remarks of a JFDI nature;

“You think those impenetrable kind of castles are impossible to get through but actually all you need to do is knock on the door sometimes or walk in”

Angie continued;

“My brother used to say, ‘people will say No four times before they say Yes’.

I used to go through life thinking, ‘that’s a few Nos, I’m due a Yes’.

And the No is not that bad.

For me No is Delayed No.

‘I’m coming back and you are gonna say Yes, I’ll go and do the work and come back.’

I think ‘I don’t mind Yes or No’, I’m good with that.”

The whole exchange being fine words of wisdom for the salesperson.

Expect 4 Nos. Yes-delayed. Due a Yes.

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