Your James Blunt Set List Contents Slide

my life is brilliant…

Global musical colossus James Blunt has an album out. I can hear you cheering.

Full disclosure. His last collection, Moon Landing, I enjoyed muchly. Streetcred shot, let the sales skill sing.

As is the way with warblers of the day, social media tease plays a major role in any launch program.

Yet soldier Blunt combines such essentials with a renowned charming line in self-deprecation.

Exhibit A, the above tweeted “set list”. With his medley of greatest hit.

It’s a good gag. And one you can adapt.

Yes. Imagine rows of friendly faces in front of you. And you’re about to pop up a slide with the upcoming, unmissable, lip-smackingly salivatory contents.

Could each slide ‘title’ actually be the same? (Even when it plainly isn’t). That one, killer message that ought be indelibly lodged in departing listener minds.

It reminds me of the oft trotted opening ‘funny’, “here’s the first of my 87 slides…”

Still, in a disarming way, your audience won’t be able to claim they didn’t get your core message.

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