TechBro Backdrop

The Woke of Sussex, slated by the countryfolk of his birth for hypocritical abandonment, seems to have had little trouble going way beyond any equality of outcome by cashing in his fame chips for a Silicon Valley ‘job’ as, wait for it, Chief Impact Officer.

I won’t even dwell on the sad fact that he’s also a Villawit.

Yet out of this most darkest of threatening clouds, there is a tiny shimmer of a lining we can silver.

The offices of the unicorn he parachutes into have been pictured in every news service across the web.

Whisper it, but these offices don’t strike me as pushing any particular new boundaries. Pleasant as they are styled to be, earth-shattering is not quite how they appear.

Which areas on show promote the kinds of productivity uplifts or wellbeing balance they seem to espouse?

Still, the photos which make part of a testimonial story by the providers of office environment fixtures and fittings are worth a look.

I chuckled to myself when I realised that two of these were of the offices, empty. And as such perfect for a cheeky video call virtual background.

How can you not resist zooming from ‘Arry’s gaff…?!

I did ponder on the ethics of this.

But only for a brief moment.

For a private, non-broadcast call such deployment may well come under fair usage for personal use of an item in the public domain. You can even ‘share screen’ on many a platform and pop yourself in front of that image, so why not summon up an instagram post or even original pic for your backdrop? Big Tech aspirants and actuals have being shouting ‘safe harbor’ as ‘defense’ for years… so what the hell for a bit of fun.

Remember the rules. Don’t sit solid centre. Project as close to a solid, bare wall behind you as possible. Only reveal the scene location if asked, and your co-callers can’t guess. And you’ll likely be onto a winner.

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