Tell-Tale Investment Scam Sign & Your Pitch

As the piece these bullets above are from then caveats; “Not all of these tips work for all investment scams”.

Before detailing ever more worrying developments by such despicable, cunning criminals.

Let’s go beyond the typical, ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ trope.

Today’s scammers display sophistry that fools the most world-wise among us.

Start at the top of this list;

It is very complicated. If you cannot explain it to a friend in a couple of sentences, it should be avoided.

Instructive with perhaps the number one solution sell rule when trying to encourage a ‘first contact’ in a prospect to sell-on in their organisation. A sibling of Keep It Simple, Sweetie (with Maya Angelou’s adaptation preferred).

Whilst there are a number of templates that you could deploy, this point reminds us to discretely coach.

Simply ask them to sum up how they describe the project you propose.

That’ll be how they’d mention it around the kettle in their office. Or during causal ‘waiting room’ chitchat before a zoom start. Or even more terrifying, during a formal agenda point in a well-attended meeting.

Like any first-run, with no prep time, it’ll probably be a disaster.

The odds of you liking the sound of it fairly slim.

The good news is that you then get chance to refine their explanation.

Take those first words. How complicated is it? Take the razor to what they said. What is the simplest distillation of your marvel of a proposal?

Then the brevity steer. What two sentences can you guide them to construct?

Where a friend can lend their ears to help evading investment crooks, your prospect has colleagues that may even feature the odd friend too. Either way, they’ll want to shine.

And if you are seeking a template, may I suggest any of this trio in such two-sentence setting:

The Two Things – an ancient internet forum device, the purchase will produce what pair of prized perks?

Before/After – evoke the transformation within grasp by pitting the unwelcome position now with the desired place once bought.

Which Means That – a tactic to move beyond the time-honoured Benefit of the Feature-Advantage-Benefit standard to highlight Value, by mentioning first where life will be sunnier, then bridging by these three words to secondly, how much more wonderfully sunnier exactly.

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