The Prospect Whisperer

Here’s a cuddly parallel that struck me as I enjoyed festive downtime.


Now, I’m not one for pets. So I was amazed when National Geographic’s Dog Whisperer telly program held my attention.

Our hero Cesar Millan ‘rehabilitates dogs and trains people’. He takes on all manner of seemingly impossible cases. Whether an episode features a single or multiple problem pooches, the format sticks. First, footage of eye-watering canine conundrums. Then, usually within seconds, Cesar baffles tearful owners with instant control and re-calibration of their dog.

I can hear your thoughts. Vicious prospect Rottweilers can become tummy-tickled puppies?

Beyond the obvious satirical jibe, does the analogy hold water? Let’s take one of Cesar’s regular mantras.

“When a dog has issues, it’s not the dog. It’s the human behind the dog”

Could this mean that when a prospect has issues, it’s really all down to the salesperson?

For Cesar, the aim is to find Balance. To reach this beneficial state, it’s all about your Energy. Virtually every case I saw required the sharp refocus of the pet owners. If the owners are tense and shouty, then so is the dog. Only when the owners are ‘balanced’ themselves, can the dogs be also. One of many contributors to achieving this is setting the right “rules, boundaries & limitations”. For proponents of the Transactional Analysis movement in its revived 80s form, it’s a classic case of ‘behaviour breeds behaviour’.

Here’s another quote. Dogs can be sweet, rewarding and perfect companions. Yet when tackling a “red zone case” (the most difficult, aggressive state);

“without leadership, exercise, discipline, they become gladiators”

To achieve a balanced relationship between buyer and seller, the salesperson has to learn how to become a Pack Leader.

How can you show the right type of “calm, assertive energy” that creates success?

Where can you provide “leadership, exercise & discipline” for your prospects?


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