Their Present & Future Pin Code

Eight billion humans now inhabit the Earth.

How long can it go on?

Back on 20 Nov 2012, when our souls totalled roughly a billion fewer, reading the standard Greenwich meridian centred map conventionally from left to right, the late Hans Rosling tweeted;

1114 is the present PIN-code for the World:  
1 billion people in The Americas, 1 in Europe, 1 in Africa & 4 billion people in Asia

Time thunders on.

That same day he also posited that by 2050, it'd be 1125.

As of today, it looks instead that by then, the code will actually be 1145. Africa now leaps to four billion, Asia jumps to five.

Whatever your stance on this projection (& one doomer wag did reply; 'I disagree: I think it will be 0000...'), consider the framing.

A quartet of variables. Each roundable to a single digit. With clear movement viewable between a now and an after.

How might such 'pin' be applicable to any bid of ours?

In this case, each number is a unit of the same; population billions.

That can hold true for us too. If you've four key markers alike. Such as time periods like hours, days or months. A certain resource like clients, territories or people. Or cash multiples in whatever power of 10 suit.

But it needn't stay confined this way.

Any representative figures can work. So long as their preferred movement is both attractive and attainable, uniquely, through you.

Bring out the positive.

Reveal it as a slide. Use to kick-start those vital 'legacy' formulations. Name a Prop doc by it, or even the project itself.

It might also show how disaster could unfold, unchecked. Unless intervention in partnership with your good self begins at once.

Where at least one of the key numbers will move away from the undesired direction.

Such buyer pin code would make for a great angle on creating project jargon. Syntax you unleash. With meaning.

Exactly the kind of thing that helps you and you alone own the bid.

[see also this trio of my blogs earlier inspired by the great professor of stat; Apr 11, Dec 11 & 2017.]

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