There's No Short-Cuts

In researching companies to approach for my new service, I came across the kind of entrepreneurial success I love to hear about, and which constantly spurs me on.  It’s just a shame that the firm in question have so far refused to engage with me, in a manner that crosses the line of being both impolite and arrogant, and which also appears bemusingly against the ethos of their founder’s humble beginnings.

These were that no-one would give her a chance.  So to sell, she simply set about knocking on doors in The City. She got a brochure produced, sent out mail shots, and, “…basically hounded people on the phone until they gave me appointments”.

Three months in, and the first order was secured.  Educating a marketplace to a new way of operating unsurprisingly elongated the sales process.  First year turnover was a respectable £600k.  Today, they sell over £4m a year and have expanded internationally.  A healthy success story that reminds me the old rules still apply.  Shame these guys (and in particular, their female chief) have such sort memories…

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