Tidy Before & After

When the online juggernaut that is the Daily Mail features prominently a home declutterer I wouldn’t normally take notice. Despite my admiration for Marie Kondo. Although I must admit, their frequent home and kitchen hacks do save useless time trawling through hashtags with the occasional juicy reward.

In this case, what caught my eye was the presentation of the above shown “professional organiser”. Quite the job title there, hey.

I have long advocated before and after imagery to be used in a pitch.

The best way – like here – is a visual.

Whilst the intangibles of many a solution sell doesn’t quite lend itself to such snapshots, tabulated comparative text or figures can ably do the trick.

In this case, we see a glimpse into a ‘pantry transformation’.

Messy before. Neat and tidy after.

Note too the way each stage gets highlighted.

A lovely gradient background box for the label, made slightly transparent.

Down the years, I’ve used the before/after treatment wherever I could.

I also rue chances missed. Like never being able to take a photo of a clung onto drawer of index record cards, for comparison with a software screenshot, accompanied by durations taken to find vital info from each.

I’ve seen many successes. Here’s a random trio;

A pile of slow moving, almost obsolete stock, and the empty space their new-program-enabled sale freed up.
A big-ticket printer sitting idle alongside a pic of a torn piece of paper, indicating a then commonplace jam no longer caused shutdowns awaiting an engineer as the new model could handle the damaged sheet jam-free.
And not forgetting the bar-based example, where an innovator for beer dispensing managed to make a machine which in large scale operations could pour (at least) half-dozen pints while traditional pumps were yet to finish just one.

Wherever you can, use this technique. After all, who can really resist the thought of their pantry being transformed?

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