What Are Your Prospect's Key Purpose Targets?

I’m not one to wallow in Scottish politics.

Dominated by so-called Progressives, they happily borrow a favoured Leftist line at the moment; “nobody votes to make themselves poorer”.

Both facetious and flawed, this pillar of logic for them is particularly troublesome now when it comes to campaigning for breaking away from the UK. Every single financial assessment shows firmly that post-Westminster Scotland will be not just less well off, but considerably so and for such a long time the horizon holds no rainbow housed pot o’ gold.

And if they think the ‘hard border’ issue on the island of Ireland causes “backstop” impossibilities, imagine when that transports to Hadrian’s Wall…

The ruling Nationalists, an anti-Right facing party, attempt to seize some economic initiative.

Credit where it’s due, their framing has some selling merit.

The umbrella term they deploy sounds worthy; The Purpose Target.

It contains what they refer to as “the 3 Ps”;

The rate of sustainable economic growth is dependent on three key drivers: Productivity; Participation in the labour market; and Population Growth.

The trotted out soundbites state simply; Productivity Participation Population.

Of these, the overwhelming focus appears to be on Population. The policy being to mollify the expected dramatic and immediate decline in workforce numbers, from food related rural and coastal communities to city-based investment reliant financial services.

Each buyer surely has ‘purpose’. What are the key areas that are set to be addressed for future prosperity? No matter how strategic or tactical.

If you uncover their targets in such a manner as here, then you’re well on the way to owning the solution. Even better, if the pair or trio can all be single words sharing the same initial letter. Sum up their purpose targets, shape the deal.

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