What Would GAFA Do?

So the French courts are busy hunting down evil megalomaniacal firms. The kind that harbour Bond villains. Ones that bully all ends of the marketplace. Ruthlessly choking competition, customers, suppliers and anyone else that dares challenge them.

They’ve even coined a new Gallic term, reacting against perceived American cultural imperialism; gafa.

It comes from the initial letters of those they consider the four worst culprits; Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon.

Each is enormous. They currently ‘own’ their chosen space. And wish to devour others alongside too.

Despite many a reported questionable business practice. I was struck by one positive thing they all had in common.

One thing our French cousins appear to dislike.

They embed themselves in your daily life. Glue themselves into your routine. Become second nature for you.

Their messages are clear.

To use their wares is a journey of ease.

Engaging with them slips effortlessly into your lifestyle.

It’s an interesting benchmark by which to compare your own selling.

How snappy and concise is your initial hook?

To what extent do you provide plug and play Proposal?

What routine are you trying to get inside?

Would your customers happily say you’ve become part of their routine?

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