What's In Your Perfect Burger?

9layerwagyubeefburger GR

I love burgers. Sadly though, like many of us, I must restrict myself.

I keep track of all the latest bar openings. Braai the Heston version with friends. Even have my own creation; the Brummie.

So I was all over this silly season story hailing the perfect burger. Which cunningly coincides with the delightful excuse that is the UK’s National Burger Day. 🍔

A most noble scientific pursuit. Via Oxford Uni no less.

There are nine edible components. Alongside five environmental.

From ensuring crucial umami, to vital crunch. No cutlery but decent music. Who knew?

Saleswise there’s an obvious parallel.

Perfect burger. Perfect deal. Perfect pitch. Perfect client.

A simply constructed workshop exercise at your next internal meet.

Let’s take one of the above.

Everyone says they know their ideal customer profile.

They do not.

Proof always found in the rubbish they keep clogging up their pipeline with.

The patty – the meat – may well be solution make-up and ‘fit’. For “1cm wagyu beef seasoned with salt, pepper and finely chopped onions” you may have a similarly delicious blend of product configuration.

What about the sauces? The services?

What about the sonics? The delivery?

What about the bun? The Ts & Cs?

And then there’s the surrounds.

What about the atmosphere? The Exec involvement?

You can go on.

I’m getting hungry writing this…


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