What's Your Lid Handle

The ablutions inside The Ivy restaurant in central Birmingham contain this little marvel.

There’s a saying I do like to use:

we put a man on the moon before we put wheels on a suitcase

(Here expanded to extol anew video conferencing early-’19 by the ever reliable Rory Sutherland.)

I’d seen nipponese robo-lavs. A vast improvement on the franco-squats, yes, but how did we ever miss out on this simple mid-stage cover-grip style improvement?

My Sales cogs whirred. I was reminded in part of the classic space pen fable. Are you all tech advancement when you’d be better off thinking pencil?

Is a teflon frying pan all you’ve got to show from your giant leap forward?

What small evolution to how you sell would make a hugely appreciated, helpful even, difference to your prospects’ buying assessment? Or to (whisper it) your actual product or service delivery?

Although as a word of potential caution, note how the left-handed amongst us might feel in said Ivy…

What could be your ethos-promoting brass handle?

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