What's Your Prospect's Transplant Fear?

The wonders of stem cell therapy are spreading across all sorts of new areas of remedy.

Once fatal conditions are now getting cured yet there appears a potential brake on treatment.

I caught that one first-time donor, who’s contribution directly saved a particular leukemia patient, revealed that many in their position were put off by the word ‘transplant’.

They felt it presently evokes problematic imagery. Worrying many possible donors with thoughts of personal difficulty and loss. Which meant they avoid participation. Consequently the bank remains relatively empty.

As the procedure to ‘harvest’ the healthy bone marrow is painless, with a tube passing from one arm through a machine and back, there are suggestions that ‘stem cell transfusion‘ could be better used. Associating with the widely understood and more popular blood donation routine.

Whatever the syntax fix, solution selling has its own equivalent of those transplant barriers.

The must obvious emanating from using the word change. Any pitch with this explicitly at its core can see the barriers raise very quickly.

Whilst there may be useful alternatives, a synonym alone may not be your answer.

Does “save a life with your transplant” fail to ‘sell’ like when you might say “remove your problem with my change”?

If so, how can you switch things up? Adapt your language to open doors. How can you better encourage your prospects to become a stem cell transfusion saviour?

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