Have You A Rabbit Like Rishi?

The big surprise in this week’s big annual Budget speech from the UK chief finance minister was a “super-deduction”.

Equipment bought by businesses during the next two years qualifies for a whopping 25 pence in every pound spent of extra tax relief.

Quite the headline-grabber.

In the tradition of unexpected and innovative announcements, such types of policy have become known as the rabbits pulled out of the hat by Chancellors of the Exchequer down the years. To the extent that journalists jostle over who can frame said rabbit best.

The minister responsible, Rishi Sunak, has made a little bit of a name for himself with his swish social media presence.

Above is his (team’s) tweet of this policy.

An interesting template for a key statement slide in any Sales deck.

Large font, positive light, title.

A pair of big benefits.

Then to the right, a quote underlying the attractive transformation sought.

Note too which words are given the pink ‘highlight’ too.

And straightforward to recreate in your slideware of choice – with colour palette to suit your audience – for your own wowing rabbit.

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