Who's Your Big Dosser?

Or perhaps for us mere mortals, what is our big dosser?

Roundly hailed as an epic bout for the ages, the ‘trilogy’ between boxing heavyweights Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder reached its finale last night.

The above tweeted pic taken by a journalist in attendance shows a remarkable insight into Enemy Building. On which I’ve blogged on now and then down the years.

From first coming across it via a fixtures ‘n fittings rep sitting in his car at night outside his competition’s offices to see when they went home, through the 37 Signals’ founding anti-MS Project mantra for their workflow trailblazing, all the way to more recently with Mercedes F1 and even British politics’ Captain Hindsight.

A dosser when I was growing up, was the person in class who did nothing but mess about in school. Distracting everyone else. Lazy in lessons. Thinking themselves too cool for school. They thought they were the bees knees. Everyone else thought them a loser. They never amounted to anything.

Big Dosser reborn for a new generation. As Fury’s pejorative nickname for his nemesis, Wilder. Now rubbed in as dubbed merely the world’s second best heavyweight.

Unflattering label aside, how about that it’s emblazoned on the Champ’s ringside stool?

Quite the statement.

The accompanying image even has a shot of his shot.

A Fury punch landing on Wilder.

Each time he went to sit down between rounds, Fury would see this before planting himself down for a breather, treatment and further instruction.

I often invite salespeople to pick their enemy.

I prefer not the personal.

Which is why I always loved the ‘Basecamp’ software guys depiction of Microsoft. Where Bill brought convoluted complexity, they offered stunning simplicity.

There is bound to be something which represents all that you do not stand for. That which you wish to smash down. Out-manoeuvre. Build a revolution against. Better still, one that they won’t know is in train until it has happened.

This can be a process, pursuit or positioning that you offer a better way ahead than.

That distraction for your potential clients. The lazy solution that actually doesn’t really solve anything for them. Means they’re doomed to be messing about on the fringes rather than making true progress.

You know what it is already, right?

Don’t be afraid, enemy build on your own Big Dosser. And focus your personal sales efforts towards your own Title.

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