Your MAD Rugby World Cup Winning Sales Dept

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The buzz builds. We are but a month away.

Here’s my snapshot of a paragraph adding to the hype from London’s Times this week.

There’s many utter disgraces in world sport. Yet two of the most outrageous surround the New Zealand rugby XV.

They should be forever prevented from performing their pre-match “ritual” on the pitch. And they should never be referred to – as in the above writing – by their nickname (which from my wonderful time on their cloudy isles is, even worse, presented as ABs).

Still. As a unit they seemed to have got one thing right. Albeit during their lucky route last time out to clinching the crown on home soil.

You do wonder about the name though;

the MAD Group

You can imagine the negatives that accompany such branding.

Yet a focus on “Mental Analysis and Development” is clearly a total winner.

I’m constantly disappointingly surprised at how few Sales Ops departments I come across.

When such a role exists, it is predominantly geared towards sales reporting. Often mis-guided by a keen-as-mustard techie. Or sales manager passed over for promotion to a different job and as a stray dog has no chance of steering fresh thinking.

The sales stereotype is uncoachable. They even revel in so being. But the true superstars are different. They embrace new and different ideas. Discarding some for sure, but crucially moulding others to their own style. And their ambitions rocket as a result.

Where’s the world champion MADness in your selling future?

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