Your McLaren Forgotten Indy Car Steering Wheel Question

What a chastening time for the once global-leading World Championship winning engineers that are the McLaren Formula One team.

Especially in the week their legendary 1984 title winner Niki Lauda died.

The sporting press has been all over their failure to qualify Fernando Alonso for the Indy 500 race. His pursuit to emulate the vaunted Triple Crown of Graham Hill again postponed.

The man in charge got sacked. Quite rightly, it seems.

The list of mistakes is long.

Their category, nearly all of the withering put-down, “schoolboy”.

The car got delivered in the wrong colour. Then when they needed it back, they found it was still in the paint shop, awaiting its new coat of “McLaren papaya orange“. Can you imagine Ferrari letting their famous ‘racing red’ go awry?

This delay lost vital track time. The early crash of Alonso himself in testing didn’t help either.

Then there was the impact from engine supplier Honda under-delivering.

Not to mention being out-of-sync with their chosen bodywork partnership team.

And that old favourite, when rebuilding the car, they somehow forgot to convert imperial measurements to metric.

Also adding to the eventual top speed of the car being restricted by a margin small, yet large enough to miss the qualification threshold.

Yet these errors were nothing compared to the headline grabber.

They had no steering wheel.

Yes. Astoundingly, for this nowadays most sci-fi of parts, no-one remembered to order one.

Which naturally leads to the joyous question you can ask any technically-minded buyer around now;

“what’s your equivalent of the McLaren indy500 steering wheel that we absolutely mustn’t forget for you”?

Then add-in any amount of colour from the litany of other errors as you metaphorically drill across.

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