Monster Doctor Case Wall

This past month Netflix released a 90min documentary on the harrowing crimes against humanity, morality and security of an American fertility doctor.

Fathering perhaps over one hundred children through his Indianapolis artificial insemination clinic, using his own sperm.

Suffice to say there is allegedly not a mother who appears to state that they were told the donor was their doctor.

It is a shocking tale. The angle of the film makers follows the one test-tube baby who suspected something was up.

When a few decades on, DNA testing became readily accessible.

Jacoba Ballard began to uncover half-siblings. In devastating numbers.

The widely PR'd uncomfortable quote of hers; 'every time I find a new sibling, it's like I'm ruining their life'.

I couldn't help but notice the device that the first-time director, Lucie Jourdan, used to help ram home the injustice.

Jacoba's case wall.

I've blogged on this and its cousins (such as inspo walls, dreamboards and most recently, the moon board) plenty down the years.

A winning way to help the mind focus on both individual deal progress and your unique sales process patterns of activity.

The detective work visual above makes for quite the eerie shot.

I also note that a 2019 Atlantic piece on this disturbing case featured something similar as its banner image.

Complete with spooky grey-bearded perp mugshot.

Every salesdesk ought have space for something similar.

Swapping this creepy for your helpful.

Whether in the office or at home.

There's much scope to ditch the internal organogram on your cubicle partitions and put in its place a schematic of where your uniquely solve a problem for clients.

Likewise, wall real estate that can have writ large a key question or qualification, pitch or metric.

I've been asked lately where do you start on this?

You can do so pretty well with just half-dozen printed pages and a couple of diagrams you draw on scrap paper:

A logo wall for the quick recital of 'twin' references.

The 2x2 which encapsulates where your buyer currently is, or may want to go.

The chart which shows the unique business benefit.

An illustration hammering home from where the treasures will emerge.

Photos representing actual success.

...what's in your daily eyeline...?

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